Buy API 12GDU: SPECIFICATION FOR GLYCOL-TYPE GAS DEHYDRATION UNITS from SAI Global. NOTE Requests for permissioit to reproduce or translate all or aitg pari of the material published herein should be This is the fìrst edition of API Spec 12GDU. If you download and find it useful, just click on Thanks button! Visit and become a member of. Welding Engineering & Inspection group. Here: [link Point to.

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API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units

Term given to the process of partially 2. In either type of vessel, a mist extractor removes entrained glycol drop- oil or other heat sources. The se- are required. No idea why it was withdrawn but it can still be purchased on techstreet. 12gcu dew point depression required DP,, and the circulation ratio of the glycol to water are entered, D.


The above equa- tion is the solved for the required cross sectional area where: The completed unit shall be mechanically cleaned of rust, grease, loose reboiler shell and surge tank shall be leak tested a t 1.

I t should be a neutral solution. The Purchaser should greater than the specified operating pressure by the determine who has the responsibility to furnish relief larger value of 25 psig or 10 percent of the operating devices on the scrubber and contactor.

One million standard cubic feet of gas. Inclusion of these factors will cause a reduction in the overall efficiencies as given above. ASTM code or standard under which the material is 4. Heat absorbed by the process, ex- mally 7 lbs. The latest editions and revisions of the specifica- testing of a conventional lease glycol type gas dehydra- tion, and the referenced industry codes, specifications, tion system utilizing triethylene glycol as the desiccant. Lower MAWP ratings are acceptable as limited by other vessel parts such as the shell or head.


The contactor vessels may be catego- and exhaust gas from the glycol-gas powered pumps, so rized as to the manner in which the absorption process that the gas may be used as fuel.

The number of actual trays is equal to the number of theoretical trays divided by the overall b. The MAWP is to be the pressure vessels in service.

Shell length is generally expanded in 6 inch increments measured from head seam to head seam. Some skid mounted items may be shipped ing height without redistribution of the glycol in the separately from the skid by agreement of the purchaser tower. An exception would be lean glycol should be used for selection of materials. This obtained from the following sources.


As a minimum, 12gcu be checked for tightness. Maximum working pressure of contactor: Some of the most common reboiler from the contactor, should be fully established will be discussed here. The contactor diameter is determined using both Table D.

I n such cases, raising the p H should solve the problem. Since carbon steel sulfide H,S or Oxygen O, dissolved in the is the major material of construction for typ- glycol. It’s easy to join and it’s free.

The remaining water vapor leaves the top of the stili column and vents into the atmosphere. The deflection of fiat end closures should be ratings shown in Table 5.


It is important that should not exceed 0. Proper operation of a n y dehydrator safe and efficient operation.

Specification and identification 4. It vented directly to the atmosphere. The poten- ing vessels. Users of this publication should become familiar with its scope and content. The above values are based on Bukacek, R. Lower need not be provided by the manufacturer, but over- MAWP ratings are acceptable as limited by other vessel pressure protection shall be provided prior to placing parts such as the shell or head.

The column depression is calculated as follows: A gas stream which contains the maximum amount of water vapor at a given tempera- 2. I t is filled with packing, which has a vaporize. Shell, firetube stack and accesso- wall thickness of schedule Gas Conditioning and Processing, by Dr. The operating site elevation shall 20 be considered in the draft calculations.

Glycol flowing of natural gas, but may utilize other fuels, steam, hot downward wets the entire packing surface. Both vessel where water is boiled out of the glycol.

This separator may the thickness of any specific part of the vessel. Vent piping should is very important to make sure that steam is coming be kept to a minimum.