Gramsci’s discussion of Fordism constitutes one of his rare extended interrogations of hegemony and historic blocs outside of Italy, dealing as it. Antonio Gramsci’s essay on Fordism. Identifier Gramsci-Fordism. Identifier-ark ark ://tq0k. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Ppi IX Americanism and Fordism It is equally evident that Gramsci could not have become a . ‘Antonio Gramsci (Italian political thinker, ) see under.

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The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. Lenin approved of it in as long as the rationalist-objectivism was separated from the capitalist motive. Gramsci questioned whether changes in work and the processes of production characteristic of Fordism and Fotdism constituted either a new historical phase, or a temporary conjuncture of events.

Having experienced both an Italian and an American university I have seen how the Italian system still makes the gap professor-teacher much more clear than in the American system. He argues that both these later political formations did not represent new political conjunctures, but were phases fogdism a wider settlement that can be characterised as neoliberal — the period of the resurgence of business and finance interests after their temporary slight taming after the second world war.

By contrast, the societies of Europe would like to introduce the benefits of Fordismsuch as increased competitive power on the international market, whilst retaining these parasitical elements that consume surplus value within their societies.

Americanism and Fordism : Anotnio Gramsci : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Although Gramsci apparently took the association of scientific management techniques and rationalised work processes with Americanism as self-evident, it is necessary to comment on this. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The basis of Gramsci’s amreicanism was that Fordism represented potentially a new industrial-productive historical bloc.

Also Gramsco think that another way that capitalist and hegemony work together in the education system is through the idea of meritocracy by perpetuating the myth that if you work hard one day you too will be able to get a certain kind of job and when someone does make it that far you are told that the only reason you haven’t been able to foddism because you haven’t worked hard enough.

This is why Henry Ford’s interrogations into the private lives of workers was so important. Gramsci perceived Fordism as a relatively progressive tendency away from individualism and competition, toward planning and cooperation. Inasmuch as cities had a much lower birth-rate, these critiques were not wholly off the mark – and this fact was itself one of the factors constantly changing the terrain in which proletarian hegemonic struggles were taking place, because lower urban birth-rates tended to result in rural workers being sucked into urban environments to which they were not acculturated, or bringing in workers of different nationalities and ‘races’.


Social destruction, cultural Marxism, is firing on all cylinders. Merlin,p. He is, to his credit, critical of Trotsky’s idea of militarising labour, but he also has an exaggerated worry about ‘totalitarian’ hypocrisy, in the sense that he believes that moral hypocrisy is principally a sin of moralising authorities under class societies, but could become general and thus only manageable through coercion in a classless society.

LENIN’S TOMB: Gramsci on Americanism and Fordism

Sally Davison is managing editor of Soundings. Thanks to the participants who made very useful comments on the paper.

Hegemony is never stable, and this means that, however strong it appears to be however much, for example, the market is presented as the only ane of organising societyit is possible to intervene to disrupt that hegemony and put forward an alternative way of looking at the world, an alternative moral and political philosophy.

The brutal anti-unionism of Fordist managers is discussed only in passing, in terms of the way in which horizontal solidarity between free trade unions is turned into vertical, factory-based solidarity. Le Americainsm Chabert [see archives ]. Newsletter Register for all the latest updates in our regular newsletter.

Gramsci’s position akericanism in sum the following: And no amount of Gramscian mind games or self delusion will make it work or even let you think it is working, when it is not.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed. Haymarket, Weber, M The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism trans.

Americanism and Fordism

This essay is a contribution to the Social Democracy Observatory series on “The classics of social democratic thought”. Complex System of Pipes.

Despite his incarceration, he was an astute observer of attempts to introduce aspects of Americanism and Fordism into Europe. The principles of scientific managementF. This is a contribution to Policy Network’s work on Globalisation and Governance. Ideology, morality and culture are seen not as passive reflections of a dynamic economic base, but rather as formativeorganising and shaping the economic base, allowing or inhibiting the process of rationalisation or otherwise.


Gramsci expressed these theories more than 50 years ago and, unfortunately, I have to say that, nowadays, they are preeminently remaining theories rather than practice. Taylorisation aims at re-rationalising capitalist production and eliminating political and financial speculativism.

He argued first that Fordism was possible to implement in the US chiefly inasmuch as the US lacked the “vast army of parasites”, that is classes with no economic function, the unproductive landed gentry, clerics and middle classes, who still predominated in parts of Europe.

Robert Jackson: Work, Americanism and Rationalisation in Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks

What does it represent? This is contra both Bucharin and mechanism and reformist evolutionism.

Gramsci understood that capitalism would always encounter crises of finance and production i. But let’s say for the sake of argument that we operate in a post-Fordist historical bloc – that is a capitalism in which hegemony flows from the financial markets rather than the factories, and in which the whole of national and international life is increasingly organised around the model of speculation and debt. It is neopuritanism that aims to counterbalance the tendencies to waste.

Such corporate paternalism was not just tyrannical and intrusive, according to Gramsci, but an attempt to answer a problem from a capitalist perspective that will be relevant to any attempt to create a rational social order.

Gramsci’s argument, though, is that moral and ethical changes which would in the past have been imposed by the despotism of the church and state, have to be undertaken on the initiative of workers themselves, or at least from within the formally ‘neutral’ terrain of the state.

Institute for Conjunctural Research. That is to say, he worries fordksm people will express formal adherence to sumptuary and sexual norms, but will not live them, or will consistently violate them. Manufacturing and industrial capitalism retains a centrality to global production, even as its spatial dimensions and distribution have been radically altered.

A New Historical Phase?