A tender and revealing set of stories by the uniquely delicate Bosnian writer, Alma Lazarevska. Avoiding the easy traps of politics and blame, she reveals a world. I just finished my first Istros book – Death in the Museum of Modern Art () by Bosnian writer Alma Lazarevska (information about her is. “Often regarded as one of the pioneers of women’s war writing in Bosnia- Herzegovina, Lazarevska represents an alternative to the heroic war discourse.

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To a writer language is a medium. I learned how to photograph them. Nisam lovac na senzacionalne zaplete, bizarnosti i teme. Gretel rated it did not like it May 24, A writer is or at least should be an individual.

But it is appalling that artists and intellectuals do the same. So could the arrangement alka breadcrumbs on a table after breakfast. Ja to nisam uradila s nekom jasnom namjerom, to nije dio nekog plana. Move over it, grow up, get a life — this is the precious message we receive. In Death in the Museum of Modern Artthe narrative — through six dense but delicate stories — focuses on little, normal things — coffee, curtains, candles.

Recently, actors commented more lazareevska the assassination in Sarajevo and the WWI centenary than historians. When I reread some of my old columns today I realize that, with a few interventions, they could be turned into short stories.


I do not believe in the big novels unless they were written by Thomas Mann, Tolstoy, or someone from the epoch of the ,azarevska novels.

Alma Lazarevska

But, what I do know, what is clear, is that in Bosnia and Herzegovina extremely bad people are in power. I hope it needs lazarrvska explanation. A Matter of Place. Still, I have to admit, I feel ill at ease at events such as these.

Death in the Museum of Modern Art

Kao da sam htjela sebi potvrditi: One of my favorite childhood scents is that of the first library to which I was taken.

With collection and disposal impossible, garbage accumulates in the streets — here in Kralja Tomislava.

Naturally, I see a few things on TV, in the press. Alisha marked it as to-read Jul 31, This winter marked the thirtieth anniversary of the Winter Olympic Games, and lazarevxka year it will be twenty years since the signing of the Dayton Agreement. And to find an answer to my question—who should that person be? It is the acme of the memoir literature.

I love being haunted by a detail, carrying it within me as some kind of positive contagion. Ne govorim o uticajima nego o sklonostima. What is llazarevska is to sit down and tell yourself: There will be light bulbs again and no one will be obliged to light cigarettes from candles. A Nabokov jeste moj omiljeni pisac. Melissa marked it as to-read Nov 04, Julia Fiedorczuk’s Materialization of Oxygen: I did get frustrated by the lack of social, cultural and historical information.

View all posts by Tulika Bahadur. Danas su moja mjera za roman Lazaevska i Coetzee.


Lazarevska Alma Archives | Eurozine

It happens that I grow fond of a short story writer. I would not talk about literary influences. Outside the jubilee there is drab reality.

It is not a lie to write that you saw Martians. The flight of a bird could be a coded message. I do not hunt for sensational plots, bizarreness or subject matter. Pisac je uvijek ili bi makar trebao biti pojedinac. I love collaborating with my translators. The Anthology was published in and I am sure that there would be more women today.

Woman and boy walking by a window with bullet holes? I read and followed through on him during my studies and that was enough. Published by Tulika Bahadur. A vital and moving collection of short stories set in Sarajevo during almz Bosnian War.

I take a photo and that helps me with the recall. It’s not really about the siege itself but more its effects on people lazaervska. It just occurred to me that diminutives are not common in English. He was photographed with politicians, actors, film directors. And that it makes no difference. I read and read and read.

A writer is not someone who recites what she sees and what she notices.