Welcome to Alfred Slote’s official website! Here he’s republishing his out-of-print children’s books, like ‘Jake,’ ‘Hang Tough, Paul Mather,’ and ‘My Robot Buddy’. Jake has 20 ratings and 3 reviews. Maurice said: This was one of the few children’s sports books featuring an African-American lead character, and it did. Radio adaptationsalfred hitchcock a bottle alfred slote jake summary of winePhoto & Video. My alfred slote jake summary notesReferences.

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I hated that every bookstore favored him over Slote, and as the years passed, it only got worse. Alfrrd possessed a year-old child to write a school play about a fictional Little League baseball player?

You play hard-nosed and you beat the guys. We were up for the game, talking it up. L ast year in the Arborville ten-year-old league we beat the McLeod Builders without much trouble.

Sloe walked the McLeod lead-off batter Tim Johnson to start the game. These guys are nothings. Dec 31, Andrew Schultz rated it really liked it. His first jke of the game was in the dirt. And when we lost our coach and they threatened to disband the team unless we got an adult coach, there was only one move to make: I do what I want to do.

  ISBN 0393967131 PDF

jakd I turned to see where it had gone. Return to Book Page. But Slote is very good at pacing sports stories and having his young protagonists feel real. He ran that team like a machine, but we have the better ball players, and if Jerry was on with his rising fast ball, it would be as easy as picking peaches.

I turned to Jerry. Jake featured a haunting cover: Maybe I wanted to see Jake come to life.

Kyle Spencer marked it as to-read Oct 26, Paul rated it it was amazing Jul 06, There he was … the great Alfred Slote. Jason Trojan rated it it was amazing Mar 28, I like being on my own. Bill marked it as to-read Oct 27, Fulton was reading her newspaper and jaie were about twenty adults in the stands behind home plate, all parents of the Builders.

Jeff Bigler, our hot-tempered first baseman, could outrun me. I was pretty sure it was Mr.

Alfred Slote, Author

He wanted me out alfrred the game. It had taken little John three whole games to figure out that a shovel ball was a ball that digs holes in front of the plate before it hopped up and hit you in the neck.

I got an Al Kaline glove and nobody gave me that, or my bat either.


Fulton, up until a little while ago, was the coach of our Little League team. Why did I quit before I finished? League rules say you can play with eight guys but not with seven.

Just a ball player, and a ball player needs his tools: Catching Jerry had made John the best fielding catcher in the eleven-year-old league. Fulton is a darn good cook. She just turned the pages of her newspaper.

Alfred Slote

My name is Jake Wrather, which doesn’t mean much to you, and it doesn’t mean much to me either. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. They were very silent. Jerry poured a second strike in there that Larry just blinked at. I figure him for a fullback. Maybe a little humor would loosen Jerry up. Jerry kicked, reared, and fired. I was moving back because with a man on second and Jerry throwing those terrible pitches, we might have a play at third.