I had to blackmail her to do it, but I’m here, a diva wannabe and not so sure I can cut it. “Flinn turns a fine eye on the seemingly never-ending mother-daughter. Breathing Underwater was Flinn’s first novel. It was originally published in and was chosen a Top 10 ALA. Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn. Flashback; Ex: “Me. Sixth grade. Looking like I might explode out of y jeans any second at middle-school.

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My family moved to Miami when I was in middle school. The teacher, students, and the principal act different than what she expected.

This book i would say should a lot of feelings. I mean, I want to try.

Diva Audiobook | Alex Flinn |

Like the forest fight for sunlight, that takes root in every tree. I faced Mom down for the first time ever. Once she gets to the Arts school she meets Gigi and Sean and starts to develop confidence in herself and her singing.

Sequel to Breathing Underwater Jun 28, Noemi Amadeo rated it liked it. She can not dance or act and is very nervous about her weight. We do get to see more of his recovery and divaa more of what becomes of their relationship, but this book firmly belongs to Caitlin. I mean, this book doesn’t excited as Breathing Underwater!


Finally, you stand up to this sorry excuse for a mum. She actually used to be fat — really fat — but she went on a fat camp divx shed at least 35 pounds. My legs always used to shake when I sang.


She has some problems to maintain an “optimal” weight. He explains everything to Linda and the two go back and live in the apartment together. It was law school that probably helped with my first novel. But even at diiva school of talented teens, she feels outcast at first, although friendships grow. Yet Caitlin does begin to find her true self, and she blossoms despite the formidable odds. Then we see the story of Emma and follow her as we learn about her stepsister, who turns out to be manipulative.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It’s veeeeery important for her. Overall just not a fan of this series, it has good lessons to be learned but the story overall isn’t the greatest. It was one thing to sing in my room. This story is about a girl named Caitlin. What I liked about the book: So her self-consciousness is not a symptom of arrogance or her being a diva, but actually of her shyness.

He has tendency to vioence. Diva deals with Caitlin after the whole Nick episode of her life. Diva is a very readable book written firmly to its target teen audience.

I was signing up for chorus.

Diva (Breathing Underwater, #2) by Alex Flinn

Set in Miami, it tells the story of a teen who works at the shoe repair counter at a posh South Beach hotel until he is sent on a quest by a princess, whose brother has been turned into a frog by a witch and set loose in the Florida Keys.


So I can, on occasion, rock.

Fresh Start Listening to: Feb 16, Darcy rated it really liked it. Alex Crusan, the victim; Clinton Cole, the suspect; and the witness, Daria Bickel, a young woman with Down’s syndrome.

I think everyone should read it! Caitlin’s mom, for example, is finn unlikable for me. Most people think opera is a weird thing. Dec 26, Patrick rated it really liked it Shelves: Caitlin is a character that anyone can understand; she’s struggling to fit in at her high school, unable to show her true potential due to an overprotective parent, has “friends” she doesn’t really like due to her fear of being friendless, and has gone through her fair share of traumatic moments in her life.

Alex Flinn

I stoop to pick up my music. Diva Alex Flinn Limited preview – This is who I am.

The girl next to me has an eyebrow ring and hair Jello-dyed acid red. Thank God for Caitlin.

It takes Caitlin a long time to figure out that pounds is not fat nor is it any reason to panic. But I can feel it, lying behind my tongue like cafeteria spaghetti, at a life-changing audition. The relationship with her mother is complex and interesting. And she dares to justify her actions? Caitlin’s mother was horrible.