Ankol अंकोल. Kannada. Ankolamara. Malayalam. Arinjl. Others. Sage Leaved Alangium. Sanskrit. Ankolah. Tamil. Alandi,. Alinjil அழிஞ்சில். Telugu. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Alangium Salvifolium. List of various diseases cured by Alangium Salvifolium. How Alangium Salvifolium is. The plant Alangium salvifolium is a small tree or shrub, native to South India and Ceylon. It belongs to the family Alangiaceae. All the parts Root, bark, leaves.

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Related observations Show all. Take mg Alangium Salvifolium Dera root bark powder with a glass of lukewarm water daily. It includes published material or suggestions from the author or others. It protects the body from Herpes. Drink it twice a day. Its fruit work as an antidote to treat Snake Bites and Stings.

Alangium salvifolium (L.f.) | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Or, Login with your user account:. Alangium Salvifolium Dera for Snake Bite. Download Herbpathy App in 3 Easy Steps. Uses and Management Uses and Management Uses. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research: It is considered to be good for making musical instruments and for making furniture as well.

Alahgium External links below. The leaves are also beneficial to reduce the swelling and stiffness of the bones due to Osteoarthritis. It flushes out the parasites from the body and prevents from Tapeworms.


International Society for Tropical Ecology: The present study was conducted to analyze tree species diversity in the tropical forests of the Ea Use it for 1 month.

We would like to know your feedback and any ideas on making this group a more interesting and a happening place. The branches can be sued as the toothbrush. It regulates the blood flow in aoangium to stop the risk of causing High Blood Pressure.

Ankol/अन्कोल्/Alangium salvifolium/Sage leaf

Document specific search options Title. Mix 1 tsp powder in Rice water to make paste. User Group specific search options Title. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Alangium salviifoliumcommonly known as sage-leaved alangiumis a flowering plant in the Cornaceae family.

This is the host plant of the larvae of a rare Western Ghat hawkmoth Daphnis minima [14]. Checklists specific search options Observed during. Send Link Please send this link to: Can include ecosystem services. Search in salvfiolium groups Search within this group. Salvigolium portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Dec for maintenance. Journal of the National Taiwan Museum: Observation specific search options Observed during. Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. Retrieved from ” https: Send a request for permission.


Articles with ‘species’ microformats. However, benefits to ecosystems not specific to humans are best treated under Risk statement what happens when the organism is removed.

Document specific search options Title. International Plant Names Index.

Plants of Western Ghats Vol. See species page Accepted Name. It grows in tropical, subtropical climates. Technology Biodiversity in India. The petals of the flower typically curl backwards exposing the multiple stamens and a linear stigma distinctly sticking out. Do not consume excessive dose. Observation specific search aalngium Observed during.

Alangium Salvifolium Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Mix mg of Alangium Salvifolium Dera root bark powder in a glass of Rice water. We are thankful for your wonderful contribution to this group and would like to hear from you soon. Demography and Conservation Demography and Conservation.

It soothes the inflamed muscles. Known or potential benefits of the species for humans, at a direct economic level, as instruments of education, prospecting, eco-tourism, etc.