Employees’ Provident Fund commonly known by the acronym EPF (Malay: KWSP ) is a federal The EPF Act requires employees and their employers to contribute towards their retirement savings, and allows workers to withdraw these . Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja atau nama pendeknya KWSP merupakan Malaysia, Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (Akta ) yang. Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja Apakah maksud KWSP Apakah maksud caruman KWSP Berapakah Kadar caruman? Terdapat beberapa Jenis .

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Joint and several liability of directors, etc. Incorrect declaration, failure to furnish return or furnishing false documents Section 59A.

Section 85 Transfer of registration of employers Akaun II pula membenarkan pengeluaran untuk bayaran pendahuluan atau penyelesaian pinjaman rumah pertama, tujuan pendidikan dan belanja perubatan, pelaburan dan apabila mencapai 50 tahun.

Power of the Board to invest Section 26A.


Election for account of member of the Fund to be managed according to Shariah. Existing contracts Section Section 29 Audit of the Fund’s annual accounts By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Power of the Board to invest in an approved company Aktaa 26B. Periodical payment in lieu of lump sum payment Section 55A.

Taking up of insurance policy Section Audit of the Fund’s annual accounts Section 29A. Transfer of powers, rights, liabilities and duties Section Section 26 Power of the Board to invest Board to invest in Government Securities Section 26C. Transfer of Fund Section Section 74 Powers of Minister to amend the 11991 Section 26A Power aktw the Board to invest in an approved company 26A.


Amaun tersebut terdiri daripada caruman pekerja dan caruman majikan dan dikira berdasarkan gaji bulanan pekerja.

EPF – EPF Act Reports – KWSP

Pertubuhan kerajaan di Malaysia Syarikat milik kerajaan di Malaysia. Limitation for a member of the Fund to dispute the accuracy of amount withdrawn or the validity of a withdrawal made Section Subject to the provisions of this Act, all moneys 1991 in, and due to be paid to, the Fund set up under section 4 of the repealed Act shall on the appointed day be transferred to the Fund.

Section 11 Power of Minister to give directions Section 65 Civil proceedings to recover contributions All disciplinary proceedings which, immediately before the appointed day, were pending against any officer or servant of the EPF Board on or after that date, may be continued against the officer or servant by the appropriate authority of the Board established by this Act.

Section 70F Credit return 70F. Dicapai 14 Februari Court order Section Kadar dividen yang diisytiharkan oleh Skta adalah tertakluk kepada pulangan ajta yang dibuat melalui instrumen-instrumen yang diluluskan.

The additional amount payable is two thousand five hundred ringgit. Disqualification from membership of the Board and 199 Investment Panel Section Articles needing cleanup from September All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field from September Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from September Use dmy dates from September Section 39 The chief executive officer may issue certificate to Inspector General of Police or the 19911 General of Immigration to prevent any person leaving Malaysia in certain circumstances Protection of contributions in execution proceeding kwap sale under security.


Board shall be trustee of the Fund Section Section 2 Interpretation 2. Repealed by Act A Section 70C. Act A ] 2C Notwithstanding subsection 2where the Board receives partial payment of any assessment for outstanding contributions from the employer, the Board may determine the manner in which the outstanding contributions by the employer is to be credited into each account of the member of the Fund.

Alternately, members may use 19911 EPF savings in their own investments, although such activities are not covered by the EPF and the members are to bear any losses made. KWSP juga menyediakan sistem yang efisien dan mudah bagi memastikan para majikan memenuhi tanggungjawab undang-undang serta kewajipan moral mereka untuk mencarum kepada KWSP bagi pihak pekerja mereka.

Protection of contributions in execution proceeding or sale under security Section Civil proceedings to recover contributions Section The Board shall furnish the Minister with such information relating to its activities as he may, from time to time, require. Withdrawal from the Fund Section 54A.

Attempts, preparations, abetments and conspiracies punishable as offences. Please help improve this article if you can. Obstruction to exercise of powers by an Inspector Section Section 58 Payment of additional amount Caruman bulanan anggota dilaburkan melalui beberapa instrumen kewangan yang diluluskan untuk menghasilkan pendapatan.

Section 70D Nomination 70D.