The Agony and the Ecstasy () is a biographical novel of Michelangelo Buonarroti written by American author Irving Stone. Stone lived in Italy for years. Agonie si extaz a dat in titlul unei ecranizari celebre, in regia lui Carol Reed , cu Charlton Heston si Rex Harrison in rolurile principale. Romanul Agonie si. Get this from a library! Agonie și extaz. [Irving Stone].

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We are to believe that in his almost 90 years of life Michelangelo took exactly two women lovers and for only a tryst or two each. It beat me to death with details, details and more details, many of which are unneedful for those who extqz not worshipful of the Michelangelo mythos, the Renaissance or Italian culture.

But the one star doesn’t mean that I thought it was a bad book. But I found the details of Michelangolo’s life to be a bit overworked. I can’t comment on how historically accurate it is but I’m incl The fictionalised account of a historical figure’s life is a difficult genre to attempt, on the one hand there’s the risks of historical innacuracy, on the other there’s the risk that slavishly adhering to only known material can render the book flat.

A primary source for the novel is Michelangelo’s correspondence, all letters of which Stone had translated from Italian by Charles So and published in as I, Michelangelo, Sculptor. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Stone lived in Italy for years visiting many of the locations in Rome and Florence, worked in marble quarries, and apprenticed himself to a marble sculptor. The Stones lived primarily in Los Angeles, California. Anna rated it liked it Sep 19, Books by Irving Wxtaz. And some passages were slightly erotic, and yuck. But it took me nearly pages which took me 3 weeks, and I was only reading this book! I have to go against the tide di this one. The whole thing made me feel like the research was done and only what had been sussed out was written about.


Stone’s main source for Lust for Life, as noted in the afterword, were Van Gogh’s letters to his brother Theo.

Agonie si extaz (volumul 1)

I think if I was an art buff or a Renaissance historian this book would have been a lot more interesting, as Michelangelo lived through some turbulent Italian history and of course made great art.

It is only for those who would be miserable without it. Also, while dear Irving clearly heavily researched little Mickey’s life very intensively, it was almost too much. While that alone wouldn’t have stopped me from enjoying it as a work of fiction, it was my ignor I picked up this book at a used book sale because both the author and the title rang a bell in my mind and perhaps I had missed a literary gem at some point in my education.

It was tedious and poorly written. Finally, after the long agony of reading this book, the day of ecstasy has arrived, completion! I stuck it out for pages, but that was all I had to give to this novel. But I re-read and it is a shocking compilation of trite, overblown depictions of the artist.

I found the book tedious and extza to read. Jul 31, Ana rated it it was amazing. But, if you do not like detailed and lengthy stories, much like Tom Clancy style of books, then I would not recommend this book.

It has many great ideas on what counts as a classic. From the age of 13, Michelangelo already displayed self-assurance of his talent.

Agonie si extaz (volumul 1+2)

I can’t comment on how historically accurate it is but I’m inclined to give stone the benefit of the doubt. I’ve been longing for this day for three weeks now. It seems probable that Vincent’s letters to and from his own brother Theo provided a foundation for Adversary in the House. Book was originally published infor reference. When I started this book I couldn’t wait for it to end. I mean come on!

I did think the language was beautiful, and even when it was a little difficult to keep up with the sections which explained sculpting and frescoing — the tool making, choosing the stone, prepping the plaster, etc.

Only a monster would cry repentance.

However, the style of writing, step by step descriptions, is not to my liking. This details were present as well in Borgia’s but there was more emphasis on life at the nobles courts.


Published March 1st first published His early work in masonry is revealed with art of masonry. Italy Florence Italy Rome Italy. So why did I pick up this book in the first place? That could make for agonif interesting book if kept restricted, rather than this massive book which factually details every conversation Michaelangelo has with the wool merchants guild and at the quarry where he went to dig marbles. It’s the sort of book Ayonie could read over and over again, and learn a different detail.

Aflam, asadar, despre inocenta fiica a lui Lorenzo de Medici, despre sireata amanta a lui Marco Aldovrandi si, mai ales, despre frumoasa Vittoria Colonna, care i-a fost muza si careia i-a dedicat cateva dintre cele mai frumoase sonete ale sale.

It is the biography of Michelangelo. InStone received his bachelor’s agknie from the University of California, Berkeley.

Agonie si extaz (volumul 1+2) by Irving Stone (2 star ratings)

Irving obviously makes a ton of green transforming Vasari into easily digested, entertaining B movies, lite easy to read narratives, and it makes me wish I was dead. Anthony Metivier I personally wouldn’t call it that, but it is epic in the sense that it goes into detail. And too many who wanted to reform the church wanted to, instead of purify it, saturate it with Greek doctrine. A gf and I bought this book and planned to read it simultaneously, and both sk us had an impossible time getting thru the first pgs.

The whole thing made me feel like the research was done a While I give Stone or his research team props for the astonishing amount of historical research and reference that went into this work, the writing is terrible.