Adolf Loos schreef Ornament and Crime als lezing in tekst in het Duits gepubliceerd onder de titel Ornament und Verbrechen. PDF | On Jan 1, , Barbara von Orelli-Messerli and others published Ornament und Verbrechen. Adolf Loos’ kontroverser Vortrag. Ornament and Crime began as a lecture delivered by Adolf Loos in in response to a time (the late 19th and early 20th Centuries) and a.

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It struck him that it was a crime to waste the effort needed to add ornamentation, when the ornamentation would cause the object to soon go out of style. What humanity had achieved in earlier millennia without decoration has been carelessly tossed aside and consigned to destruction. The first work of art, the first artistic act, which the first artist scrawled on the wall to give his exuberance vent.

Also, I call bullshit on his explanation for the contradiction of his sterile exteriors yet sumptuous interiors in his essay entitled “Architecture. Andererseits war der Mann aber auch ein Extrem, das sich selber nicht unter Kontrolle hatte. The ornament that is produced today bears no relation to us, or to any other human or the world at large.

ADOLF LOOS: ORNAMENT AND CRIME, modernist essay/lecture, | The Incubator

Tinck rated it really liked it Sep 12, Arditha Auriyane rated it really liked it Aug 13, I tolerate ornaments on my own body if they afford my fellow-men pleasure.

I am not a fan of Loos, like, at all. Modern men who revere ornament as a sign of the artistic expression of earlier generations, will immediately recognize the painfully laboured and sickly ornament of today.


Work done by the shoemaker but not paid for. All art is erotic. This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat Humanity must be kept down in the slavery of decoration. Woe to the State whose revolutions are made by Privy Councillors! Here is a man who understands him and appreciates his work and does not doubt his honesty.

ADOLF LOOS: ORNAMENT AND CRIME, modernist essay/lecture, 1908

The Austrian government takes its task so seriously that it makes sure that puttees do not disappear from the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It is a misfortune for a country if the cultural development of its people is spread over such a long period.

What every Negro can do, verbrechdn all nations and ages have been able to do, why should that be denied to us, men of the nineteenth century? His raumplan would later evolve into free plan, as master architect Le Corbusier would be inspired by Loos’ ideals and this would show in his Vers une architecture, but that’s subject of a different review.

The Papuan kills his enemies and eats them. Adolf Loos’s Cultural CriticismLondon: In this and many other essays he contributed to the elaboration of a body of theory and criticism of Modernism in architecture.

File:Adolf Loos Ornament und Verbrechen – Wikimedia Commons

But the modem ornamentalist is a straggler, or a pathological case. The pessimist heard this with displeasure and the State, whose task it is to retard the cultural progress of the people, took up the fight for the development and revival of ornament.


I eat roast llos. We have conquered ornament, we have won through to avolf of ornamentation. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Derek Smythe rated it it was amazing Feb 08, The man from the fifteenth century will not understand me. Soon the streets of the cities will glow like white walls!

But all modem people will. I prefer it that way.

Ornament and Crime

Good fortune rarely comes his way. To cultivated undd they are unbearable immediately, others are aware of their unbearableness only after some years.

Lack of ornament is a sign of spiritual strength. I eat roast beef. Ornament und Verbrechen In Architect Adolf Loos was so forthright in his modernist opinions that he felt it necessary to write an essay called Ornament und Verbrechen Ornament and Crime in which he condemns the use of ornament in any part of art, life or culture.

Ornament is wasted labour and hence wasted health. What makes our period so important is that it is incapable of producing new ornament. The most unaesthetic decorated objects are those made of the best materials with the greatest care, those that have demanded hours of work.

I shall try to clarify this: What humanity had achieved in earlier millennia without decoration has been carelessly tossed aside and consigned to destruction. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.