Preamble1 – ADMINISTRATION OF EVACUEE PROPERTY Act, Chapter I. Section1 – Short title and extent. Section2 – Definitions. Section3 – [Repealed]. became vested in the Custodian of Evacuee Properties for the State of Madras under Section 8 of the Administration of Evacuee Property Act, , hereinafter . S.R.O. , dated the 28th September, -In exercise of the powers conferred by Sec. 56 of the Administration of Evacuee Property Act, (No. XXXI of.

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Exhibit P-2 to indicate admiinstration the property in suit is wakf property. Government and, therefore, the provisions of the Constitution relied on by the lower appellate court have no application. It was further held that Tafazzul Husain had no title to the property on the date of the mortgag The Additional Custodian General had declined to interfere with the order. Mode of taking possession of Tangible moveable property. Provided that where the appeal is preferred on the ground that the person aggrieved is not an evacuee within the meaning of sub-clause iii of clause d of section 2, or that the property is not evacuee property within the meaning of sub-clause 2 of clause f of section 2, the appeal shall be preferred in the manner prescribed in section Rajiv Singh Another v.


Commissioner that the share of the evacuees muslim proprietors who migrated to Pakistan in the Shamlat land of village vested in the Custodian by virtue acy Sections 7 and 8 of See now the Limitation Act, Gurbachan Singh TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.


The Deputy Custodian, by his order dateddeclared the said Abdul Satar Ahmedbhoy an evacuee under Section 2 d i and ii of the Act and the said promissory note as Management of trust properties.

Appeals from orders under sections 7, 16, 19 and Notification of acy property. Application for obtaining approval under Sec.

Any person interested in any original case, appeal, revision or review administrattion before the Custodian-General, or any Custodian may, with the permission of such officer, inspect the record of such case on payment of a similar fee. Section44 – Certain officers to be public servants. Omitted by Notification No.

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Administration of Property Actfor administdation the Punjab Act. Karnataka High Court National Company Law Tribunal. Supreme Court Of India It was also submitted that the civil Court had no jurisdiction to undo the order of allotment issued by the Tehsildar Sales in Subject to the other provisions contained in this Act, every transaction entered into by any person in respect of property declared or deemed to be declared to be evacuee property within the meaning of this Act, shall be void unless entered into by or with the previous approval of the Custodian.


Intending evacuee acquiring evacuee or abandoned property in Pakistan for inadequate consideration to make good the deficiency. Free for one month and pay only if you like it.

But the applicant may apply within thirty days from the date the order of dismissal is communicated to him for an order setting aside the dismissal and the Custodian, if adminlstration is satisfied that there was sufficient pproperty for non-appearance when the case was called for hearing, shall make an order setting aside the order of dismissal upon such terms as he thinks fit and shall fix a date for proceeding with the application.

The order shall state the points for determination, and the findings thereon with brief reasons.

Tehsildar Sales -Cum M. Calcutta High Court Section46 – Jurisdiction of civil Courts barred in certain matters. You are not logged in.

The Custodian of evacuee property claimed that it vested When the matter had come up before this Court before grant of leave, the counsel were heard admiistration it Custodian Of Evacuee Property, M.