A Devil In Disguise. Caitlin Crews. Rating 5 review(s)Add your review. Playing with fire! Drusilla Bennett’s job from hell will soon be over. Ready to take her life. Read A Devil In Disguise by Caitlin Crews by Caitlin Crews by Caitlin Crews for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Dru has been working as a personal assistant to Cayo, the CEO of a corporate giant. She gave up everything to help take care of the company’s.

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Caitlin Crews does it again. What they are is perfect for each other and nobody else. Dru has worked for Cayo for the last five years. Cayo is a driven tycoon.

See what I mean about old tropes? This man is, however, a believable tycoon.

REVIEW: A Devil in Disguise by Caitlin Crews

She also hints that not everyone in that situation dirt poor and cruelly rejected would have the same reaction as Cayo. I know one or two millionaires honestly I do and the one thing they have in common is their single-minded desire to make and have money. Not power, necessarily, but enough money not to worry about it anymore. Their motives are different.


Not Just the Boss’s Plaything / A Devil In Disguise

Some want to make a difference and others just want the money. Cayo wants power and respect.

He wants, he takes. Dru is a martyr type, but with enough self-knowledge and bitter awareness for the reader to understand and care about her.

She has nobody and nothing anymore and that brings her to an awareness of herself. Dru and Cayo shared a passionate encounter that stopped short of sex three years before, when Cayo visited his grandfather on his devvil.

The experience was raw enough for him to want somebody and was enough for him to drop his guard and make that one error. She insists on it, even though he effectively kidnaps her and takes her to an island paradise.

A Devil In Disguise by Caitlin Crews

She agrees to the disguiise notice detailed in her contract, but then wants to walk away for good. The encounters between Dru and Cayo are passionate, before and after their consummation. Cayo drives her into a corner, tries to impose his will, and she takes the only way out available to her.


I say wonderful, because she actually does it and forces him to back down. We follow Dru and Cayo through their story breathlessly, knowing where it will end, because this is, after all, a Harlequin romance, but not knowing how they are going to do it.

Then something happens and their relationship moves on another notch. I love writers who take chances in their chosen genre. This is a goodie and so welcome after some reads that made me doubt my faith in the line. Get the latest news Got something to flash?