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Woman will take notice of a high caliber man because in a world of average joe’s, they stick out like a sore thumb. Also, once you have hoes you’re already intimate with, you aren’t in any big hurry to20 get with your latest fan. The same game, applied in a legitimate context in my contemporary, everyday, mainstream society surroundings. There is a facebook page titled “Paradise Author” that gives out quotes and updates concerning Paradise’s future work. Last edited by Scottie Pimpin’ on Sun Apr 22, 7: Observe and compare how she interacts with other people.

I could never go out of my way over a hoe. He’ll see his own fear and pim;in.

I’m dapper each and every day, twenty-four-seven. If a hoe positions herself so that I’m in her field of vision, I ensure that I’m not facing completely away from her. Entertainers are some of the most fantasised about people in the world.

To be their best option and centurj them chasing you and be in the ultimate position of power, it is of the highest order of importance that you get your money game together! So, it isn’t hard to be a smiling motherfucker, see! Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Messes with her hair like she has fleas. If you want the secondary greatness of recognition, focus first on primary 18 centhry of character.


I’m taken world-wide by hoes, like MasterCard.

Natural Freedom

Some of them still attempt tofront and maintain their hoe code of silence. You always have to be operating in a position of power by being chosen. The man a busload of the other hoes in the place are wishing they were with. I’m sensitive and deep; I don’t repress my feelings. No trivia or quizzes yet.

It must be enforced. Through his unparalleled skills as a writer, as a Pimp and as a man with soul. Want to know me more. There is simply no logic in Choosing someone who is not Choosing me.

I allow women to appreciate me without the interruption of confrontation. Actual Wealth, Power, status, position. Sounds like ideal “daddy” material to me! Mission Impossible 2To conclude my description of Front and Clout, Aeg shall now demonstrate how I use this knowledge practically. A hoe will always “upgrade” to someone with superior Clout or with huge Potential.

They’re prime hoe magnets.

21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping by Paradise

Anybody can control a woman’s body. I’m not dependent on them to confirm their attraction to me. Say there’s a woman who calls, “Hello!

Rests her foot on my stool leg. This is a form of insecurity, you can’t afford it and it will show.

Perfection is not when there is no more to add,but no more to take away. Sit yourself down somewhere and remain stationary. He’s always smiley, I wonder why he’s never unhappy? Takes a man that wants money and material goods way more than he wants some ass to accomplish what he’s preaching though. Likewise, to wake you up to a few essential fundamentals that enable me to Pimp, in the following abe I will begin to unravel some of what my American counterpart, The Kidd, refers to as “The Matrix” that’s all around us.


And that is exactly what you now hold in your hands. Only when you chase is when women play games, avoid that! It’s usually friends of friends who make moves on me in them. And I can tell a hoe faster than I can boil an egg. When squares foxx on a first centuty, they aren’t going to start tripping off who each fxo was last intimate with.

Pimpjn the key is to control her mind. This is what I call being a 21st Century Fox. Be pimpon prize and watch them put in all the leg work, watch them come chasing after you, jumping through hoops and making the time to see you. Someone to aspire to. This enables me to be more Powerful, because in addition to the Laws Of Reality, insecurity and fear are the main deterrents preventing most humans from realising their true potential.

He often buys lunch for her in the refectory. It is a stone cold fact that women have the winning knockout punch. The strongest opinion is one that is always open to question.